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Buffett to Investors: Man up and buy.

As Aaron Rodgers said earlier in the year, regarding a losing streak- Relax. As investors, a recent decline in the market can be un-nerving. However, it's a great time for investors. Have you ever gone to a store to buy an item that is on sale? Do you look in Valu-packs or Money Saver magazines looking for sale, or discounted items? Well, how about looking at your inve [...]

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The Devil's Financial Dictionary

This week we're going to get out the dictionary, the Devil's dictionary, to find out the true meaning behind some of Wall Street's double-speak. I've picked out some good one's here. Hope you enjoy them. If you'd like to read the full article, https://www.ifa.com/articles/devil_financial_dictionary/?platform=hootsuite The Devil's Financial Dictionary Mark Hebner [...]

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How the Smart Money Invests

Why do most investors left to their own devices make investment decisions out of fear? One reason is when they watch financial news on TV or read what many pundits write about they are bombarded by extreme fear based perspectives. Most network TV; most movies are designed to engender fear and related emotions. The psychology of this is interesting. Why are so many so attracted [...]

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Markets Are Volatile

Markets are Volatile. The truth is..they've always been volatile. Going back to 1926, the market has always been volatile. What makes this volatility special? Nothing. The media, doom-and-gloomers, market-timers, they may have a louder voice but there is nothing new. This to shall pass.   At times like this, it's always important to remember the 3 worst activities that [...]

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