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Discover 3 simple steps to avoid running out money when you need it most.  Even if you have something in place, this guide provides research and analysis you can use right now.

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Dealing with Market Ups & Downs

  DEALING WITH MARKET UPS AND DOWNS   It’s easy to get excited about all the good news coming from first quarter earnings season. But even now – the third quarter of earnings growth – it’s best not to make decisions that will have lasting consequences based on emotional reactions to short [...]

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Estate Planning is Investment Planning

  Derick Schuhart President Wealth Abundance +19202023765 Derick@wealthabundance.com Video: Is Estate Planning Only For The Rich You’ve worked so hard to build your net worth, but it could fall into a sinkhole if you don’t do estate planning. Estate planning isn’t just for the rich, it is a ne [...]

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Don't Buy that Annuity!!!

Indexed Annuities are sold to investors based on the concept of investing in the market with no downside risk. While you may end of getting a return similar to that of a CD, there are much better options. Unfortunately, Retirees and Pre-Retirees are often the target for these products. They pay the salesperson well, while locking up the investors money for the foreseeable futur [...]

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