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Discover 3 simple steps to avoid running out money when you need it most.  Even if you have something in place, this guide provides research and analysis you can use right now.

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5 Star Investment Advisor

Derick Schuhart has been admitted to Paladin's National Registry of Financial Advisors Derick Schuhart has been admitted to Paladin's National Registry of Financial Advisors Lincoln CA, January 24, 2016. Paladin Research has vetted and rated the quality of Derick Schuhart's credentials, ethics, business practices, and services. Derick, a financial advisor located in Menasha [...]

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No One Ever Grew Wealth Being Scared

The U.S. has now gone 10 years of poor economic growth- 3% or less. This should be unacceptable to every American citizen. Our National Debt is over 19 TRILLION dollars, 94 MILLION Americans out of work, HIGHEST tax rates in the World. Feeling Scared? As Investors, we have to temper the fear and do the right things. We first start with ourselves and our families. Our [...]

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Buffett to Investors: Man up and buy.

As Aaron Rodgers said earlier in the year, regarding a losing streak- Relax. As investors, a recent decline in the market can be un-nerving. However, it's a great time for investors. Have you ever gone to a store to buy an item that is on sale? Do you look in Valu-packs or Money Saver magazines looking for sale, or discounted items? Well, how about looking at your inve [...]

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