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5 key strategies for a successful IRA

Do you know the 5 keys to having a successful IRA? Most investors have an IRA, but aren’t properly planning on maximizing it, often times leaving a potentially large chunk of money that’s going to be, eventually, payable to the IRS. You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating the value of your IRA tax-deferred- but you don’t get to keep it all. The IRS has great interest in your IRA, and they can’t wait to get their hands on their share of your account.

There are 5 key strategies to maximizing your IRA and minimizing the IRS. To keep as much of your money in your hands, or your families hands, and out of the IRS hands, you need to do much more planning than just looking at your statements.

The first key planning strategy is to time the distributions correctly and efficiently. When your 70 ½, the government says you must take out money on a yearly basis, and of course, they will have their hand out, waiting for their cut. Distribution planning is often put off, or not done in the most efficient manner.

The Second key planning strategy is to insure the account. Insure it? You may be scratching your head here, but yes, insure it. You insure your home, your car, your health, why not your investments? Your investments may be more valuable than your house, and definitely your car. So yes, insure it!

The Third key planning strategy is to ‘stretch’ it. Most investors have no idea what stretching is, and instead of parlaying your investments into a fortune, often times give it away to the government.

The Fourth key planning strategy is to ‘Roth’ it. Most investors have heard of a Roth IRA, but think it’s too late to have one, or don’t see the benefits of having a Roth IRA. A Roth IRA has tremendous benefits for you, and for Estate Planning purposes. Do you want to eliminate the IRS from your life? If so, The Roth is a key planning strategy.

The Fifth key planning strategy is to Avoid the Death Tax Trap. If you don’t have a plan to avoid the Death Tax Trap, the government has one for you. By not doing anything, you essentially sign off on the government’s plan. And their plan includes them. Do you have a plan that keeps them out as much as possible?

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