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Are You POOR?

POOR = Passing Over Opportunities Regularly
Over the last month I’ve talked about Wealth Creation. Today seems like a good time to bring it up again.
One question I get on a regular basis is “How do the Wealthy People do it?”
Over the last couple weeks the stock market has gone down. Reach down into your gut and ask yourself “is this a good or bad thing?”
I hope you answered “A good thing!”
Why? Because the market has given you the opportunity to buy stocks that are ON SALE! Every day we purchase items that fit our lifestyle, and we always look for bargains. It’s the same with stocks! If you got a coupon with a nice discount on it, you’d probably buy that item. That mentality should be the same with investing. This discount coupon helps you earn money rather than it being an expense.
So the Investor Tip of the Day is (that wealthy investors do regularly)-
Buy Low!
Once are government comes to an agreement (they will) the stock market will probably shoot back up. And you profit from it! Seems like a pretty nice gift for doing a smart investor technique.