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CD rates are low…Here is what to do to potentially increase returns-

If you are searching for a place to put your money that offers the safety of a typical bank CD  and  the potential for greater returns, you now have a choice!


Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit (MLCDs)


MLCDs are the only financial product that combines the guaranteed return of your principal and the protection of FDIC Insurance with the potential to earn reasonable rates of return.


  • MLCD Purchasers will receive a full return of their deposits at maturity.
  • MLCDs qualify for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) coverage.
  • MLCDs offer the potential to earn greater returns than traditional fixed income instruments over the same duration.


MLCDs were initially developed by Chase Bank in 1987 for their wealthiest clients.  Today, many well-known banks now offer MLCDs with initial deposits as low as $25,000.  The majority of MLCDs pay interest linked to the performance of commodities or stocks up to a Cap.  These Caps are annual interest limits and currently range from 6% – 10.75%.

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