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Happy Holiday’s

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year!

Guess the Mayan’s were wrong about the end of the World – so much for Market-Timing ūüôā

I’m often reminded that investors, left to their own devices, usually make bad decisions about their investments. Behavioral mistakes top the list. This caption says a lot about the investing game:


In 2012, I kept a lot of investors from doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

In 2013, I look forward to bringing you the best investments, the best research, and the best advice.

Index                                               YTD
Free Market US Fund                         18.64%
Free Market International Fund            17.89%
Free Market Fixed Income Fund            1.92%

MLCD (Market-linked FDIC CD)¬†¬† -call for details. MLCD’s are paying around 4 times higher interest than traditional bank CD’s