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IRA planning that creates a family legacy-

In February, 2012, the government of the United States, Congress, to be exact, tried to shut down an IRA planning strategy. This strategy is so powerful, that on February 7, during the Senate Finance Committee’s review of a massive new highway bill, committee chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) added a provision that would have ended tax-deferred “stretches” of inherited IRAs for beneficiaries other than spouses, minor children or the disabled. Under the provision, most beneficiaries would have been forced to pay taxes on inherited IRAs over a drastically shortened five-year timeframe, rather than being allowed to defer the taxes over the beneficiary’s lifetime, as is currently permitted. 

The government tried to strip it from you and your family, and not allow you to use it. Why would they try to shut down this strategy? This strategy is so powerful; it could turn your IRA into a family fortune. The fortune that your family has, is a fortune the government doesn’t get. This strategy allows you to pass your IRA onto beneficiaries that you choose. This strategy allows the beneficiary the ‘stretch-out’ the IRA distributions over their lifetime, while continuing to earn interest and grow. This strategy allows your IRA to last for a significant amount of time longer than the government wants it to. The government doesn’t get their money right away, but has to wait for it over a longer period of time, keeping the money in your family’s hands for years, growing and creating wealth for your family.

This strategy is so powerful, the government tried to shut it down. Fortunately, in March 2012, the Senate pulled it from consideration knowing it would be one of the greatest wealth confiscation acts ever brought on against the American public.

What IRA planning are you doing? Do you know the strategies that successful investors use? IRA planning could be more important than setting up a will or trust. If you are interested in knowing what your IRA options are, I welcome you to give me a call, or email me. Don’t put it off, it could cost you and your family a fortune!

Here’s to your wealth!