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Kick your Investments through the ‘Goal Post’

What does investing have to do with football? In football season, most everyone loves to watch a good game. Everyone likes a high-scoring game, it really adds to the excitement when your team scores a lot of points.

In football, one of the most overlooked, and under appreciated players is the field goal kicker. They go un-noticed – Unless they miss, then, they suddenly turn into a goat.

In investing, we all like to see our portfolios go up- score a lot of points. That means more money in your account. But there is an often-overlooked strategy that is just as important as the field goal kicker. It’s called the ‘goal-post’ strategy. And just like a kicker making an extra point or a field goal that puts up another point or 3 points, implementing the ‘goal-post’ strategy may also add extra points to your return. Successful investors, like successful coaches, take the points and put them on the board when they can get them.

Most investors don’t know this strategy. Most investors aren’t using the ‘goal post’ strategy. Without a good kicker, your team could lose a few extra games. In investing, it can cost you- a lot of money, and have a large impact on your retirement.

Successful investors utilize the ‘goal post’ strategy for their portfolio. The ‘goal post’ strategy may put up extra returns for your portfolio, and the ‘goal post’ strategy will make your portfolio leaner and more efficient.

Get your portfolio scoring points for you today, and using all the important players available, to score extra points for your portfolio! 

If you would like more information on the ‘goal-post’ strategy, to make your investments score those extra points, visit www.iradesigner.com today. Or text IRA, name, email to 58885 for more information.