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Now it’s possible for you to do better on your CD’s.
Offering for your consideration
FDIC Insured, Principal Protected, Market-Linked CD’s
with the potential of earning two to three times more interest than traditional CD’s.


What are Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit (CD’s)?
Market-Linked CD’s offer depositors the potential to earn enhanced returns compared to those available with traditional deposit products.
How do they work?
Market-Linked CD’s are linked to the performance of specific underlying basket of stocks but are not equivalent to investing directly in those stocks.
Can I lose My Money?
No. The Principal is protected and, like traditional CD’s, they are FDIC Insured.
Are they issued by banks?
Yes. Usually major banks with world-wide stature.
Are there Minimum Deposits Required?
Yes. The minimum Deposit is $25,000.
How much can I make?
That depends. While your principal is guaranteed it is possible to earn anywhere from zero interest during the term of the contract or the CD cap rate established at the time of purchase. Currently caps range between 6%-10.75%