Avoid Running Out Of Money In Retirement

  • The truth about how long most people's retirement lasts

  • The "big 3" changes that most portfolios don't account for

  • Simple changes to maximize returns you can make today

Q #1 — What Should I Invest In?

1Q:       What should I invest in?

Well that’s a very common question investors ask me all the time. But the truth is, if anyone knew in advance; what the best investment would be, they wouldn’t tell you. If an advisor told you to invest in a particular investment, its most likely a sales pitch. Investing is not gambling and speculating, so you shouldn’t do it, nor should your advisor. Investors should focus on a well diversified plan portfolio that is designed to meet your needs and goals. Investing is not a casino, buying and selling will usually end up hurting your returns. A structured diversified portfolio will get you where you need to go.