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It’s a Science!





Summer is ending. The market has been very volatile. People are nervous. Investors are looking for answers. Brokers are trying to give answers. Transactions are taking place. Gold commercials are everywhere. Media pundits are spewing advice. It’s a volatile time.


                                                       Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.


On September 19, 2011, I’m going to shed light on this crazy stuff and set the record straight! You are going to hear first hand the ‘science’ of investing, the ‘in’s’ and ‘out’s’ of what is really happening, so you can be at ease about investing.


I’m taking on the marketing industry, the financial industry, Wall Street, and anyone else that wants to deprive investors of the truth!


Join me at Liberty Hall in Kimberly on September 19 (start time at 10:30am) for wisdom, knowledge, information, and fun!! You won’t want to miss this. I’ve been waiting, compiling, and studying all the volatility this summer and I’m going to set the record once and for all! 


I’m going to go for the jugular of Wall Street!



Email me at d.schuhart@att.net ASAP with your reservation! I want you there. Bring your friends, associates, golf buddies, your breakfast friends, card-playing group….This is a CAN’T MISS event. It will knock your socks off!! 

                  Nothing is for sale at this event, just information that any and all investors must know.




Derick Schuhart
WealthAbundance Wealth Management