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Thar She (Market) Blows!

On Thursday, July 31, the market took a rather big hit. So, what were some of the headlines in the news about this bad day?
*Why this bullish pro sees big market drop soon
*How to Profit From the Coming Correction
*S&P could hit 2,300 in 12 months, pro says
*Thar She Blows! The Fed-Induced Stock Bubble Has Popped
*Listen to Your Brain to Sense a Market Correction
*Ignore the bears and you could bank a 22% stock market gain
Some of these headlines are gloom & doom, some are optimistic and forward thinking.
So what can you conclude from this?
That nobody knows where the market is going! If anyone knew, they wouldn’t tell you. It’s all speculation, and speculation has no real value, no insights, and no real advice.
How do you protect yourself against pundit speculation and market volatility?
An evidence-based globally diversified portfolio!
The old saying “never put all your eggs in one basket” always holds true.
As for volatility: You LOVE volatility! You may not know it, but volatility produces returns for you! That’s how your portfolio grows- volatility!
Investors tend to love UPWARD volatility, but hate DOWNWARD volatility. Having a balanced portfolio reduces volatility, so you don’t end up taking that “BIG” hit.
If you don’t want volatility, you’d put your money in a bank, earn about 0.50% and wait 144 years for your money to double! Sound like a good deal? I think not.
Yes, volatility is good for you.