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The Sophisticated Investor

If you haven’t signed up for the upcoming Investor Coaching Event yet, do so soon.

I’m going to be giving you a lot of “insider information” that the general public won’t have access to. You will be able to de-bunk a lot of the news that is being spread by pundits, forecasters, and the lame street media!

Investor Coaching Event
Investing in a “Political” Era

Mark Your Calendar
April 22, 2013 at Liberty Hall at 10:30am.

This quarter, I’m holding an important investor event that is focused on today’s political environment, and how to invest in “perceived” troubled times. For you, an investor, you need to be there, your portfolio needs to be there. Your financial future depends on it!

April 22. At 10:30am- You need to Join me at Liberty Hall in Kimberly. The most important event for your financial future. See the form included? Let me know you’ll be there. Put it on your calendar right now. Bring your most important friends, they need to know this as well. Don’t leave them hangin.’

This is a very crucial time for investors, and if you don’t get it right, and know the ‘right’ things, you could fall into a dangerous trap on the horizon. Don’t let that happen to you or your friends. Confirm your attendance for April 22 right now. See you there! To your wealth!!

Return form to me ASAP. Get on the phone and invite your closest friends, associates, work buddies, neighbors, club members… you’ll want to share this event with them. Nothing is for sale, so there is no sales pitch.

You can also call me at 920-202-3765 or email me at d.schuhart @ att.net.

Index YTD

Free Market US Fund 11.96%

Free Market International Fund 4.54%

Free Market Fixed Income Fund 0.00%


Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (14,512) 11.42%

S&P 500 (1557) 9.70%

NASDAQ 100 (2801) 5.55%

S&P 500 Growth 8.34%

S&P 500 Value 11.14%

S&P SmallCap 600 Growth 11.16%

S&P SmallCap 600 Value 11.22%


MSCI World (ex US) 3.07%

MSCI World 7.46%

MSCI Emerging Markets -3.48%


6-mo CD 0.34%

1-yr CD 0.51%

5-yr CD 1.21%

MLCD (Market-linked FDIC CD) -call for details. MLCD’s are paying around 4 times higher interest than traditional bank CD’s