Avoid Running Out Of Money In Retirement

  • The truth about how long most people's retirement lasts

  • The "big 3" changes that most portfolios don't account for

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Tips for Funding Your Retirement (not your Broker’s)

The key to your broker’s retirement plan is to inundate you with misinformation. It’s part of an effort to distract you from the fact that you would likely be better off not using his or her services. Fire the Broker and Hire an RIA from WealthAbundance Wealth Management. Here are 4 tips from Dan Solin to put into place today.

Tips for funding your retirement

If you want to stop contributing to your fund manager’s retirement savings and start reaching your own retirement goals, here are some tips:

    • Stop investing in actively managed mutual funds.
    • Recognize that past performance is unlikely to persist.
    • Understand the negative impact of high costs and excessive turnover.
    • Become an “evidence-based” investor, limiting your portfolio to a globally diversified mix of low management fee index funds, passively managed funds or exchange-traded funds. Arrange these funds in an asset allocation suitable for you.

If you’re ready to become an “evidence-based” investor, and ready to stop funding your Broker’s retirement, give WealthAbundance Wealth Management a call, or visit our website at www.wealthabundance.com.

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