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Are You a Victim of the ‘Big Lie?’

Are You a Victim of the ‘Big Lie?’

Investors work with financial advisors to get the best investing advice. Most of the time, advisors construct portfolios for the investor with what we call “actively-managed mutual funds.” Now, these funds often come with ‘sales loads,’ high expense ratios, high turnover (trading inside the fund)- and worst of all- lower performance. In a recent study, over a 10-year time period, actively-managed funds underperform the benchmark about 98% of the time!

Yet brokers of all sorts will always try and tell you that they have the ability to pick the winners, and find the funds that will ‘beat the market.’

This could make ordinary investors feel inadequate when their efforts fail. Most don’t realize that extraordinary resources by researchers with advanced degrees in finance have been devoted to finding the magic bullet that would “beat the markets.” None have succeeded.

So, what should investors do?

Smart, diligent, responsible investors should ask for the peer-reviewed data. If a broker can’t provide ‘evidence’ of their recommendations, and I don’t mean a Morningstar report, then it’s time to find someone that will give you the ‘evidence.’ Evidence is almost like a ‘legal’ opinion.

Here is a very good, short article that I think you’ll enjoy!

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