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Derick Schuhart has been admitted to Paladin’s National Registry of Financial Advisors

Lincoln CA, January 24, 2016. Paladin Research has vetted and rated the quality of Derick Schuhart’s credentials, ethics, business practices, and services. Derick, a financial advisor located in Menasha, WI was awarded a 5 Star quality rating and admitted to Paladin’s Registry on January 24, 2016.
Jack Waymire, Paladin Registry founder and author of Who’s Watching Your Money? said: “We have been vetting and rating the quality of financial advisors since 2003. We have helped more than one million investors make the right decisions when they selected professionals who will influence or control important financial decisions. We believe Paladin is a definite game changer because many of these investors did not know how to determine the quality of advisors. Consequently, they were prone to selecting advisors with the best personalities and sales skills.”
Paladin uses an objective research process to determine who is profiled in the Registry. Advisors must be willing to practice full transparency. They cannot withhold information that may cause investors to reject them. Next, they must complete Paladin’s rigorous due diligence process that focuses on their expertise and ethics. And lastly, they must also score in the 90th percentile or higher when Paladin’s proprietary algorithm rates the quality of their credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.
Waymire concluded: “We are the only online service that vets and rates the quality of financial planners and advisors. We ask the right questions so investors don’t have to. And, we know the critical differences between good answers (benefit investors) and bad ones (damage investors).”
Click on this link to view Derick’s professional profile that is published on Paladin’s Registry: DERICK SCHUHART – Financial Advisor Menasha, Wisconsin – Paladin Registry